Manual Medicine / Chiropractic Medicine


For the doctor MM is an excellent option to identify functional disorders in the postural apparatus and the musculoskeletal system and to treat these solely by the use of the doctor’s hands. The roots of modern MM lie in osteopathy and chiropractic medicine. Both methods originated in the USA. After intensive research MM has made significant advancements particularly in the last 50 years and was provided with a sound scientific base.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

By careful manual palpation and sensation the mobility of joints and the tension of muscles, tendons and ligaments and layers of connective tissue are examined. If there are any functional disorders in the postural apparatus or the musculoskeletal system, these can be treated immediately after the investigation by the use of appropriate manoeuvres. In case of functional disorders in joints one must make a general distinction between blockages and hypermobility. Only blockages should be treated by the application of chiropractic medicine.

Examples of typical disorders that can be treated by manual medicine or with the assistance of manual medicine are the following:

  • A “twisted” neck
  • A “twisted” back (lumbago)
  • Blocked rib
  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfer’s elbow

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